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Face Painting & Glitter

Time to Shine!

Face Painting is a great activity for all ages and people love the attention they receive from it. Our skilled painters come complete with a rainbow of paints and the sky is the limit for designs! A Birthday party or Wedding reception, there is always a reason to be painted!


Face Painting is often partnered with Glitter Tattoos. Glitter Tattoos are a great alternative to Face Painting, especially if the guests has an allergy or extra sensitive skin. Cosmetic grade glitter is applied to the skin to create designs which can last up to a week! 


Face Painting is brilliant at transforming faces, however it is more time consuming than doing Glitter Tattoos. One of our Reesey's Events Staff can Paint 10-12 Children with full faces in an hour. For large guest numbers, we may advise you book Glitter Tattoos instead of Face Painting. 


Glitter Tattoos are a lot quicker but just as impressive. Older Children tend to prefer Glitter Tattoos. Guests are usually impressed with how long they last too!

Why not book both? We run a special offer for 2hrs Face Painting with Free Glitter Tattoos.

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