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Terms and Conditions

The Small Print

Reesey’s Events Terms & Conditions
Listed below are the terms and conditions by which Reesey’s Events run their parties and celebration events. These rules are applied to protect you, the customer, as well as our staff. The terms and conditions must be agreed to wholly for the use and booking of Reesey’s Events and their services.


How to make a booking

When planning a party, Reesey’s Events will discuss with you all the terms of each service you are interested in, how they run, set up, etc. If you wish to proceed with your enquiry and book, you must complete the following:

  • A non-refundable, non-transferable booking fee of up to 100% of the total price will be payable to Reesey's Events to secure your booking, date, times and services.

  • When booking Reesey’s Events you are booking a date and time as well as the services you require. Reesey’s Events will allocate the chosen date time and services for your party solely upon completion of payment of booking fee and returned signed Terms and Conditions.

  • Your booking will not be considered final until you have placed a booking fee with Reesey’s Events and received a confirmation email of all the services you require.

  • You must sign a copy of these terms and conditions and return to us within 7 days of paying your booking fee. If you do not agree to our Terms and Conditions within the time frame specified, you will lose any money paid.

  • Once a signed copy of the Terms and Conditions have been received, a booking contract/confirmation will be sent via email to the customer.

  • Reesey’s Events do not ‘pencil in’ bookings. Dates, times and services cannot be held without your booking fee.

  • Your booking must be paid in full no later than 14 days before your event. The date will be detailed on the bottom on your contract. Failure to pay by this date will result in cancellation of services and your remaining balance will be charged via invoice. -Unless otherwise agreed.



Whilst, at Reesey’s Events, we work hard to provide an excellent service, there are times where you may need to cancel your party, or there are circumstances in which we cannot complete our booking. Please see below our procedure for cancellations: 

  • Any cancellation by you, the customer, will be required in writing. This is to retain for our records. You may telephone or inform us in person to advise of your cancellation, however no booking will be considered cancelled until Reesey’s Events have received a written copy.

  • The date upon which Reesey’s Events receive your written cancellation, is the date that your party will be cancelled.

  • Any cancellation by you, the customer, will, at least, result in the loss of the total booking fee placed. –All booking fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • Cancellations within 3 months of the event will not only result in the loss of your booking fee, but an additional 25% of the outstanding balance to be paid to Reesey’s Events. 

  • Cancellations within 2 months of the event, will not only result in the loss of your booking fee, but 50% of your outstanding balance will also be required to be paid to Reesey’s Events.

  • Cancellations, which are up to and including 31 days before the event, will result in the full outstanding balance to be paid within 7 days of the event itself.

  • An invoice will be created with a time frame to which you must pay the outstanding money.

  • Failure to pay remaining/outstanding balances, including due to cancellations, may result in further legal action.

  • In the highly unlikely event of Reesey's Events having to cancel any services, Reesey’s Events will refund the customer any money paid, and also try to find a replacement business to contact. In the unlikely event of Reesey’s Events equipment failing, we have a backup system to ensure the event runs smoothly, however if this should also fail (excluding circumstances which are beyond reasonable control i.e. there is a power failure) Reesey's Events will refund you for the remaining time.

  • Bookings which are made for an outdoor venue, included unsheltered environments such as gardens, are advised to have an alternate plan in case of poor weather or unsuitability. Reesey’s Events and their staff cannot work or provide their services in adverse conditions such as rain. We advise to have a ‘backup plan’ with a venue/area which is covered and protected. –Failure to do so will result in cancellation of services. In this instance, Reesey’s Events will not provide any form of refund and the full fee will still be due.


Set up and Usage

To be able to offer an excellent standard of service, Reesey’s Events requires time and access to your venue, to be able to work in a safe environment and offer their services in accordance with the following:

  • Reesey's Events require access to the function room or place of the event at least 30 minutes before the event (to allow for set up and checks) as well as up to 60 minutes after the event to pack away all equipment and vacate. We will outline our times during booking, as each booking is different and will require different set up/pack away.

  • When booking the DJ or an electrical powered service (such as candyfloss and popcorn machines) it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that their venue has at least one double power socket for Reesey's Events to use per service. E.g. if the customer books the Mobile Disco and the Candyfloss machine, Reesey’s Events staff will require 2 x double sockets.

  • Reesey's Events and its staff reserve the right to cancel any event should we discover that there are risks or unsuitability with the venue. In this instance, no refund shall be rewarded.

  • It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the conduct of their guests is suitable. Any form of abuse (including but not limited to: verbal, physical and mental) is not and will not be tolerated before, or during the event. If Reesey's Events deems the venue or its guests to be threatening to our equipment or staff, we hold the right to cancel our services and vacate. In this circumstance, we will not offer any form of refund.

  • The client is responsible for any malicious behaviour, damage or theft to Reesey's Events’ equipment. Therefore, Reesey's Events reserves the right to charge the client for the total cost to fix or replace any equipment and losses to further bookings, which this may affect.

  • The customer, therefore, is responsible for pursuing the matter with the individual(s) involved.

  • The named client on the email of confirmation is responsible for all payments that are due.

  • Reesey’s Events will start all services at the time agreed on your Booking Contract. Reesey’s Events may not be able to change times once you have secured your party services. Extended times are possible however they must be agreed in advance and payment must be in full before the extension commences. Extensions can only be granted with permission from the premises/venue also.

  • Reesey's Events also reserve the right to bring “extra” staff for purposes of training, aid and safety (although not limited to these reasons). 

  • Reesey’s Events liability for losses you may suffer as a result of us breaking this contract, including deliberate breaches, is strictly limited to the contracted price/package, and any losses which are connected as foreseeable consequence of us breaking the agreement.

  • Reesey’s Events are not liable for indirect losses or damage which happen as a side effect of the main loss or damage, and which are not foreseeable by you and us. This includes but not limited to:
- Loss of income
- Loss of business
- Loss of profit or contracts
- Waste of Management or Office time

Mobile Disco & Entertainment

Mobile Disco and Children’s Entertainment are useful for many different types of occasion. We cater and put together packages to ensure you and your guests have a fantastic time at your celebration. When booking either Mobile Disco or Entertainment, we run the services by the following:

  • Reesey’s Events provide Mobile Disco and Entertainment by professional and experienced staff with years of service along with all associated equipment.

  • Reesey’s Events’ main DJ and Entertainer is female, known as ‘DJ Reesey’.

  • Children’s Entertainment is always performed with a form of Mobile Disco, although Mobile Disco can be booked on it’s own. When booking Children’s Entertainment, Reesey’s Events use the PA system and music to aid with the games/interactivity. 

  • Day time bookings of Mobile Disco does not include Disco Lighting. This can be added on for additional fee and must be agreed to in advance of your party.

  • Children’s Entertainers/DJ’s are there to help the flow and running of your event, as well as create an atmosphere for your guests. Please advise Reesey’s Events if you have any specific requests on order of the event, such as food, speeches, announcements etc.

  • For Children’s Entertainment, Reesey’s Events will provide everything to run their games including prizes. Sometimes the use of chairs may be utilised in the venue.

  • The client is to ensure that there is sufficient supervision of all children attending the event. The supervision must be provided throughout the entire event, including set up and pack away time. Reesey’s Events require all children to be supervised by adults. 

  • The supervising adults will ensure that the children behave in the correct manner; this includes preventing the children from interfering with Reesey’s Events’ work and equipment.

  • Reesey’s Events specialise in Entertainment. Our games include a range of activities and may include adult participation. Customers must advise if they do not want adult participation at the time of booking.

  • Balloon Modelling is included with the Entertainment. Reesey’s Events must be informed of any ‘balloon phobias’ or allergies (latex) at the time of booking to plan alternative introductory entertainment for your event.

  • Reesey’s Events provide prizes as part of the games when booking Entertainment. ‘Winners’ will be chosen, mostly, at random. Reesey’s Events cannot give out additional prizes for those that do not win. Reesey’s Events, also, do not sell prizes.

  • If booking Reesey’s Events for Entertainment, we strongly advise against booking a Bouncy Castle. On the day of the party, if you choose to book a castle or any other service which may compete with the entertainment, Reesey’s Events may advise to switch off/close down the service to engage with the guests.

  • At Reesey’s Events, we try to incorporate you and your guests every step of the way, especially when it comes to music taste. Reesey’s Events welcome playlists for every event, however we are not a ‘playlist only DJ/Mobile Disco’. It is possible that Reesey’s Events cannot play all requests made.



Face Painting, Glitter Tattoos & Festival Glitter

Face Painting is a popular and fun activity and service for the whole family. At Reesey’s Events, we provide these rules to ensure that you and your guests can enjoy the services safely.

  • Face Painting Parties: Due to insurance and safety reasons, children under the age of 2.5yrs cannot be painted or have festival (chunky) glitter applied. The guests who are unable to be painted/have festival glitter applied can, however, receive a glitter tattoo on their arm only. 

  • All guests who are to be painted or receive either form of glitter must have a clean area to work on, and also must be willing to be painted/have glitter applied. –This means the guests must be awake to be painted also.

  • Reesey's Events uses only CE marked and cosmetically approved products to paint and tattoo all guests. We also ensure we stick to a strict hygiene regime to ensure all of our products remain clean and safe for all guests. 

  • 2 hours Face Painting covers approximately 20 Guests with one Face Painter hired. If larger numbers arrive, smaller designs may be applied to ensure most guests get a design. In cases where a particularly high number of guests are present, Glitter Tattoos will only be applied. Reesey's Events cannot guarantee every guest will be painted/tattooed. Time extensions can be made for a fee and must be agreed upon and paid in full before commencing. 

  • For Festival Glitter, Reesey’s Events use Biodegradable, Vegan Friendly Chunky Glitter only.

  • Whilst Reesey’s Events may use baby wipes, it is advised not to use baby wipes to remove face paints, festival glitter or glitter tattoos. Simply soap and water is a satisfactory method. –If the design is particularly testing, baby oil on cotton wool is also a good way to remove face paints/glitter tattoos.

  • Reesey’s Events will not provide methods to help clean guests/remove face paint. -This includes baby wipes.

  • Regardless if a guest has ‘face painting experience’ or ‘glitter tattoo experience’, Reesey’s Events cannot permit guests to use the face painting and/or glitter tattoo products themselves.

  • Guests must not touch or interfere with the face painting and glitter tattoo kit.

  • Reesey’s Events require a table and two chairs to perform Face Painting/Glitter Tattoos/Festival Glitter services. Customers must ensure these items are free for staff to use.

  • Customers must ensure that guests leave room for the artist. –This includes taking photos. This is to make sure staff and guests have a safe space to work and enjoy the service.

  • Reesey’s Events cannot perform any of the Face Painting/Glitter Tattoo/Festival Glitter services on a customer/guest who has previously had a reaction to the service. If you or your guest has had a reaction to any of the services before, please highlight this to a member of staff before the start of your party. If you have a first time reaction, such as erythema, this may be due to the washing method such as rubbing too hard, or the use of baby wipes. Please always highlight a reaction to our team, so that we may investigate and advise as best as we can, although you should always consult your GP for Health advice.

  • Booking Face Painting or Festival Glitter with 'free glitter tattoos' is a special offer provided to the customer. This stipulates that Face Painting or Festival Glitter is the main service, and the glitter tattoos are an additional service. As such, guests should choose which one they wish to receive most. Generally only one or the other can be performed on each guest in the time booked i.e. only one face paint per guest. -There are two exceptions to this, the celebration VIP will receive both a tattoo and be face painted if they so choose. The second instance, if time permits, guests may join the queue again to receive the other service (such as a glitter tattoo if they have been painted already).

  • Guests cannot receive multiple Glitter tattoos if the customer has booked face painting with 'free glitter tattoos' even if the particular customer has not had their face painted/festival glitter applied (unless agreed otherwise). 

  • Reesey’s Events are not liable for any reactions, losses or damages made by the use of Face Paint, Festival Glitter or Glitter Tattoos, and so cannot be held accountable.


 Food/Catering Services

Reesey’s Events provide a selection of services as a form of catering. This includes our Candyfloss, Popcorn, Slush and Hot Dog machines. Please see below for more information regarding these services.

  • For all catering services, Reesey’s Events provide clean, fresh and packaged goods, which are opened on the day of your event.

  • All food which is not consumed within 2hrs whilst at room temperature, should be disposed of. Any person taking food home, or consuming beyond this time frame, subsequently do so at their own risk.

  • Food Allergies & Intolerances: Please note that all of our food contains allergenic ingredients. Special diets for food allergies will be catered for only if they have been arranged prior to your event and confirmed in writing.

  • Gratuities are upon your discretion.

  • When hiring a Catering service from Reesey’s Events, all supplies are provided by Reesey’s Events. This includes paper plates, napkins, skewers, sticks, cups and paper bags.

  • All catering services are ‘manned’ by a trained member of staff from Reesey’s Events. The staff will set up, serve and pack away from your event. –We do not operate a ‘self service’ station for any of our machinery.

  • If the number of guests is greatly less than anticipated, the fee agreed is the same.

  • As standard, Dual Barrel Slush Machines are served filled with one supply of Slush Syrup mix. This produces approximately 100 cups. Additional Slush Syrup mixes can be supplied as a ‘top up’ for a fee.

  • Top Ups/ Additional supplies must be ordered ahead of your booking and will be required in writing before Reesey’s Events can agree to provide them. Reesey’s Events cannot guarantee to provide additional products/supplies, large quantities at short notice or in certain time restraints.

  • Limitations: Catering services such as Candyfloss and Popcorn machines, which are hired as ‘unlimited’ for a contracted length of time, do have limitations. Reesey’s Events provide an amount considered to be suitable for the length of time with the number of guests you have proposed. Should our supplies run out before the time is up, the service will be closed down. –If you expect a larger number of guests, please advise Reesey’s Events so that we can make amendments to our quantities. This can only be done and agreed upon in writing.

  • Whilst machines may be quoted as ‘unlimited’, this is also subject to the bearing and ability of the machine. Time is required to allow the machine to be prepared and produce each product hired. Reesey’s Events cannot be held responsible for machines producing products at a slower rate than anticipated or expected by the customer.

  • Larger number of guests may result in a higher price than originally quoted, particularly for any equipment hired as ‘unlimited’.

  • If a larger number of guests arrive at the event (and it is greatly larger than anticipated by Reesey’s Events or quoted at time of booking) this may mean your service of ‘unlimited’ product will run out before the time of service hire. Reesey’s Events cannot be held responsible for this.

  • Reesey’s Events employ a ‘fair usage’ policy, which is upon their own discretion.



Chair Covers Sashes and Table Cloth Hire

  • Chair Covers, Sashes and Table Cloths will be set up by Reesey’s Staff in a presentable fashion. All items are washed and ironed before the event.

  • It is up to you, the customer, to ensure that the items you choose to hire will fit the tables/chairs at your function room. –We cannot refund for items which do not fit.

  • Similarly, you must inform Reesey’s Events of how many chairs covers/ sashes/table cloths you require, as extras will not be covered.

  • The hire of the Chair Covers with sash or table cloths is for the agreed time only. –extensions may be requested however this may incur an additional fee and Reesey’s Events reserve the right to deny any request.

  • If you wish to have your hire items presented in a particular way, you must highlight the preferred method at the time of booking. E.g. the way a bow is tied on the chair covers.

  • The agreed colour(s) will be used for your event, should you wish to change your colour scheme, please inform Reesey’s Events ASAP. –Whilst we try to make amendments, this may not always be possible.

  • Reesey’s Events only hire these items to be set up by their staff, we do not offer a ‘DIY’ service due to our insurance policy.

  • Reesey’s Events will arrange set up and pick up times with you, the customer, and your venue to ensure timely set up and ease of hire.

  • All products should be left as found i.e. do not take sashes off the chairs.

  • All products are counted and checked at the end of the hire to check for stolen property, or ruined materials. –In the event of missing sashes, chair covers or table cloths, you, the customer, will be responsible to pay for the replacement and compensate any further bookings this may affect.

  • Guests are expected to move off chairs/out of the way, whilst Reesey’s Events staff pick up the hire items.





Photobooth Hire

  • At Reesey’s Events we offer both a Photobooth and Selfie Stand. The Photobooth includes the Inflatable Box, whereas the Selfie Stand is a stand-alone block.

  • The Inflatable Box requires a large work area to be inflated in. This area must be clean and free from glass or any other sharp objects. The Photobooth measures approximately 8ft x 6ft (HxW). It is up to the customer to ensure the work area is both suitable and large enough to fit the equipment in before booking with Reesey’s Events.

  • If the Inflatable Box is unable to fit in the area given/venue, the Selfie Stand will be set up as an alternative. –You will still receive the same service and no discount/refund will be given. 

  • As an inflatable, the Box is not suitable to be leaned or stood on. It is simply a cover to enclose an area for private photographing. Customers/guests will be warned about this, and Reesey’s Events reserve the right to protect their equipment.

  • Photobooth/Selfie Stand hired with ‘unlimited prints’ is subject to our fair usage policy.

  • All Props must be returned before leaving the Photobooth/Selfie Stand.

  • A maximum of 4 people per visit for the Inflatable Photobooth is permitted.

  • Reesey’s Events cannot be held responsible for blurry images.

  • During your hire, some changes or adjustments made need to take place, this includes but not limited to: paper change, ink change, light settings, camera settings, battery/sd card checks/changes. Whilst Reesey’s Events do everything to ensure these adjustments are not required during the time of hire, it is sometimes unavoidable. As such, Reesey’s Events are not responsible for any losses.

  • The last 10minutes of the time of hire is used to finish printing your photos for the guestbook (if booked as part of the package) and transferring of photos to the USB.

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